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Leef Organics

Thrival CBD Extract


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LEEF’s THRIVAL CBD Formula, is unlike any other cannabis based wellness product on the market. LEEF uses a whole plant cold pressed fermentation process, which yields the cleanest form of CBD extract possible. This means that LEEF CBD retains all of its nutrients and active compounds (remember that heat destroys nutrients!).

375 mg (plus the aminos, enzymes, fatty acids etc… you reap the benefits due to LEEF’s whole plant refinement methods)

How To Use

Shake well. Take 2 drops twice daily orally with food.  Although non-psychoactive, do not exceed eight drops per day.


Whole Plant CBD Extract


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the Brand

LEEF finds potency and purity in the confines of an organic/non-GMO foundation. They are soil science nerds, and believe premium product comes from the soil up.
Leef’s unconventional process of refinement is second to none. Their single origin harvests are the cleanest form of CBD extract possible. They do NOT add any chemicals, over-heat, or strip the plant as with other common extraction methods.

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