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September Event (In-Person) / Take Good Care


Suggested price: $5


North Park


Thursday, September 24


6:30 PM

An open air night with Shop Good, featuring:
– Sound healing + breath work by Sound As Color
– Yoga flow by Black Lives Yoga, led by Serenity & Sound waves founder Tealideal
– A conversation on mental health by Ing and Ellie of Cultivate San Diego

* Attendees must wear a mask and practice social distancing throughout the duration of the event.*

Location: Morley Field in North Park (expect additional directions provided after signing up).

*This class is donation based*. To secure your ticket, please make a donation of your comfortability, starting at $0.

All proceeds from tickets will be donated directly to The Loveland Therapy Foundation. Learn more here

About Sound As Color:
Lauren is East Tennessee raised, Brooklyn seasoned, and newly rooted in Encinitas, CA.  She is a designer, natural dyer, and sound practitioner. Sound as Color combines traditional techniques of sound healing and natural dyes for modern mindfulness.  Fusing the nourishing vibrations of sound, nature, and color with the support of naturally dyed accessories for meditation and life.
Lauren’s sound baths use breath-work and gentle asana to prepare the mind for deep listening, alongside instruments such as Himalayan Singing Bowls and chimes which allow participants with any amount of meditation experience access to a theta brain state, the state between the conscious and subconscious, associated with deep meditation.  Achieving a theta brain state allows the mind to relax, heal and evolve.

About Black Lives Yoga:
BLACK LIVES YOGA denotes the resistance nature of practicing self care and thriving while Black. BLACK LIVES YOGA claims integral aspects of our existence beyond just the war cry of “Mattering”. BLACK LIVES YOGA merges collective healing and freedom fighting through joining our ancestral practice of resistance with our ancient ancestral practice of yoga. We are sharing a narrative that expands our identities in regards to responding to police violence against Black bodies and systemic racism; we are grieving we are enraged, but we are love, joy and divine light and we are resistance. We are displaying the balance between the constant fight for Black Lives and prioritizing our healing and mental health.

About Cultivate San Diego:
A counseling collective that provides services for couples, premarital couples, individuals, adolescents and children seeking counseling.
– Ingvild Denison: Ing is a licensed marriage and family therapist who started Cultivate with her two partners Bethany and Lindsay in May of 2017.  From the beginning they wanted to truly cultivate a space and a team where wholeness begins as soon as you step in the door and the last three years have been the fulfillment of this vision. Ing seeks to help her clients pursue wholeness through strengthening their relationships with self and others. Being born and raised in Norway has provided Ing a unique lens through which to see and work.  Through identifying and healing attachment wounds and trauma, her clients are put on a path to a more integrated and whole way of life.
– Ellie Ganzerla Wells: 
At the young age of 10, Ellie knew she wanted to be a therapist. With this passion in mind, she obtained a double B.A in Psychology and Women’s Studies at Loyola Marymount University, and later moved down to San Diego and obtained her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. As of now, Ellie is a practicing Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Cultivate: A Counseling Collective and is presently acquiring her doctorate in psychology. She is passionate towards working with the LGBTQ+ community, women ages 21-35, and individuals/couples navigating sexuality and, or gender issues. She is truly honored to be in the presence of someone’s journey, finding home within themselves. 

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Suggested price: $5



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Round up for Change

Donate to the Loveland Therapy Fund, an organization combating the many barriers affecting access to mental health treatments by minority groups via providing financial assistance to Black women and girls nationally seeking therapy.