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LK-01 Pure Salidroside

(2 customer reviews)


Clinically proven, sustained energy and mood balance for peak productivity.

Once-daily LK-01 is the world’s first sustainably-engineered, non-GMO Salidroside – a potent bioactive from Rhodiola rosea with known metabolic and neuroprotective effects. LK-01 is a pure, vegan-friendly salidroside supplement to help you live a healthier, more productive life.

  • Natural energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Stress support
  • Cellular repair

Take two capsules per day.

Consult your healthcare practitioner before use if you are nursing, pregnant, taking any medications, or have any medical conditions. Keep out of reach of children.

Gluten Free, Vegan, GMO Free

Serving Size: 2 Capsules; Servings: 30;
Amount Per Serving: Salidroside 60mg†

† Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (Vegan Capsule), Rice Flour, Soy Peptones

2 reviews for LK-01 Pure Salidroside

  1. nikki

    This is my go-to energy and focus boost for the day. If I know I have a busy day and really need to focus, I’ll take 1-2 capsules in the AM and power through my to-do list. This is also great in the afternoon if I’m hitting that mid-day slump and need a little energy boost without having another cup of coffee. Makes me focused + productive without the caffeine jitters or crash after. So good!

  2. Cannedice

    I have been taking this for over a month now and noticed a reduction in the paresthesia in my hands from Degenerative Disc Disease in my neck. I am no longer waking up with tingling and numbness and during certain activities, where it used to rear its ugly head, it is no longer happening or is very reduced. Since I noticed the symptom came back when I stopped taking it during food poisoning and then went away after I started it up again, it is safe to say that salidroside is what is helping me. I was taking it originally for the focus and calm effects, which also works well, but this was an added surprise benefit! I am so grateful for it!

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