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Hydration Inner Beauty Boost


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Help rehydrate dull, lackluster skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines with The Beauty Chef’s delicious HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost™. This organic coconut-infused, bio-fermented, probiotic concentrate supports your gut health and enhances skin radiance by boosting hydration and restoring electrolyte balance.

How To Use

For an extra potent skin-boosting potion, combine a 15ml serve of HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost™ with your daily dose of The Beauty Chef’s GLOW™ Powder. Or simply mix a 15ml serve of the HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost™ with 200mls of filtered water and consume once daily.


Flora Culture Plus Blend™ (certified organic coconut water powder, aloe vera powder, lemon myrtle powder, lactobacillus acidophilus, l. casei, l. plantarum, l. bulgaricus, l. fermanti, bifidobacterium lactis, b. bifidum, saccharomyces cerevisiae), glycerol (422) (derived from sustainable palm).


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the Brand

The Beauty Chef employs the benefits of microbiologist-approved biofermented superfoods to provide you with gut-friendly inner beauty solutions. Carla Oates built the brand on the philosophy that beauty begins in the belly.

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