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Honey Belle

Facial Gua Sha




Maximize your skincare routine by incorporating this facial tool to massage your skin. Gua Sha, also known as the “Eastern Face Lift,” is an ancient facial massage technique that promotes detoxification and healthy-looking skin. It helps to reduce signs of aging, icrease elasticity in the skin, improves dark circles and under-eye bags, and promotes radiant and even complexion.

How To Use

  1. Apply desired facial oil.
  2. Use the Gua Sha tool to apply light pressure to the center of your forehead and scrape from the middle of your eyebrows to your hairline.
  3. On the middle of your forehead, scrape from the center out to your temples.
  4. Use the smaller curved end to scrape from your inner brow bone to the outer brow bone.
  5. On your cheek and under eye area, start on the sides of the nose and sweep the tool from the center to the perimeter of your face.
  6. Repeat the same motions on the mouth, chin, and jaw areas. Move the tool from the center to the outer parts of your face.
  7. Lastly, start on the top of your forehead and scrape down to your temples, down to the sides of your neck, and stop mid-collarbone.
  8. Do about three strokes per section and scrape both sides of the face for a completed facial massage.


Jade – known for bringing good luck, abundance, and prosperity. It promotes a sense of peace and purity within the mind.

White Jade – uses its power to help in the decision making process by blocking distractions. It has the ability to bring peace, harmony, and luck.

Rose quartz – helps tap into the universe of love—whether it be in the form of self-love, familial love, friendship, or romantic love. This beautiful stone opens up your heart to all kinds of love and allows you to let go of negative emotions that inhibit your ability to love.


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the Brand

Honey Belle was founded by Iris Cherng, out of the discovery and development of adult onset psoriasis. She realized she was unable to afford most organic and natural products in the market place as a student, so she took matters into her own hands. Honey Belle is celebrated by beauty enthusiasts, for using simple, natural and effective ingredients to help people discover self-love and self-confidence in their own skin.

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