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Everyday Endurance


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Energy + metabolism support for daily vitality. 

Cut down on caffeine consumption with support from natural energy (without the crash!). Encourage better focus, memory and brain health, keep moving without the jitters.

How To Use

Perfect for first thing in the morning, pre-workout, or afternoon slumps—these sophisticated bites are herbal fuel for any day.


GINSENG. Panax Ginseng. The most widely studied herb on earth. Its name translates to “cure all.” Great for vitality, energy, qi, prana, and the get-up-and-go to live fully!
GUARANA. Paullinia Cupanais. Amazonian thermogenic (“fat burning”) energizer prized for long-lasting, stable energy with a clear-mind feel, and appetite suppression. Guarana is known for stimulation without a crash, as well as for improving mood, memory, physical exercise and cognitive performance.
KOLA. Cola Acuminate. Lightly caffeinated nut from trees of the cocoa family that contain theobromine—the euphoric and mildly stimulating compound found in green tea and cacao.Theobromine relaxes smooth muscles increasing blood flow for energy, mental function and circulation overall.
RHODIOLA. Rhodiola rosea. An adaptogen and calm energizer, Rhodiola has been studied in Olympians, astronauts and divers for its physical and mental performance enhancement (and recovery). Another bonus: It’s known for mood-boosting and and neurotransmitter balancing benefits, too.


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the Brand

Pocket-sized, plant-based, and potent – think of HRBLS as snack remedies. Each chew is infused with a special blend of herbal extracts to equal a dose of goodness that you can eat as needed. Imagine a strong cup of tea or tincture, in gummy form. They’re made for busy folks who want herbs that can keep up – modern, natural treatments that are convenient, healthy, straightforward and effective.

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