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Detox Drops


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Formulated with Chlorophyll, Lemon, and Mint to promote liver detoxification and a healthy microbiome. Known to boost energy levels, eliminate internal toxins, increase circulation & blood flow, and act as an internal deodorant.

*Winner of New Beauty’s prestigious award for Best Debloat Product!

Add 1 dropperful into 12-16oz of purified water up to 3x/day.

Chlorophyll -magical green pigment found in plants that is known to transform light into energy. in the body, it’s known to absorb and eliminate toxins by moving them as waste through the gi tract. Known to boost antioxidant activity in the body and is one of the most potent sources of detoxification in the world.
Mint -known for centuries to aid in soothing digestive problems such as upset stomach and indigestion.
Lemon -encourages our bodies in the process of flushing the toxins out. it’s been used and recommended since antiquity for digestive health.

Full Ingredient List – Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin from white mulberry (Morbus alba), Organic Glycerin (flax/coconut derived), Purified Water, Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic Mint Essential Oil.


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Juna formulates targeted functional remedies that restore the body and mind and encourage vitality and longevity. Working with some of the world’s top functional medicine doctors, herbalists, and chemists, Juna has designed a system of detox/digestive solutions that help women become more resilient to their unique stressors, optimize their mood and cognition through a balanced gut, with products that taste good and seamlessly fit into their daily routines.

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