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House of Matcha

Cold Brew Matcha


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Cold Brew represents a completely unique matcha formulation. Cultivated and processed according to ceremonial tradition at the source in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, it is then freeze-dried, enabling it to be dissolved in cold water. Perfect for summer – just add water, shake and enjoy!

How To Use

Add two chashaku (bamboo scoop) of Cold Brew to a glass or shaker. Pour in 75 ml of cold water and stir or shake to achieve a light consistency. Add ice cubes to chill and serve.


100% powdered Camellia Sinesis leaves


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the Brand

House of Matcha started with a commitment of three friends to bring the fruits of 800 years of Japanese practice and perfection to the West. Sustainably-sourced in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, their premium matcha leaves you energized, productive, and calm.

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