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Noshaba Apothecary

Acai Pure Treatment


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This jungle-nestled botanic, native to the Brazilian Amazon, is a bounteous source of the unique and anticarcinogenic Anthocyanin antioxidant which aids in battling free radicals and extreme inflammation. The oil stands alone to be one of the most powerful skin revitalizers creating vitality that goes beyond just the surface, restoring elasticity and moisture. It obtains 3 B vitamins along with vitamins E & C. With a 52% oleic acid composition, Açaí Berry Oil ultimately leads to skin barrier repair and deeper penetration of the entire plant extract. Acaí antioxidants are up to 30 times higher than any other berry on earth, making it an important ally to your skin’s health. This captivating green elixir’s high concentration of palmitic fatty acids, which forces water and oil molecules to combine, delivers hydration and pore purification all at the same time.

– Vitality
– Anti-Free Radical
– Antioxidant
– Anti-inflammatory

How To Use

This pure treatment offers sweet and fresh acai notes with faintly herbaceous whiffs. Welcome the potent color of this extract with an open mind, because while it is fast-absorbing, it will leave a faint green color on your skin before fully absorbed. For this reason, it is encouraged to use at night.

*Shake well before each use
*Best when used within 6 months of opening. Not to exceed 9 months.



≈^Acaí Berry Pulp Oil

*Sustainable Farming/Home-Grown **Certified Organic +Certified Halal ^Wild Harvested ≈Community Supported


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the Brand

Noshaba Apothecary is a holistic, slow-crafted skincare brand, inspired by a life-changing trip to Morocco. With a background in farming, herbalism, and skincare, Founder Omosefe Ozigbo uses local ingredients and botanicals from her farm and infuses them in certified organic oils sourced from Morocco. From seed to harvest, Omosefe nurtures each ingredient she plants. Her line is made in small batches to ensure freshness and efficacy.

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