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Our Founder’s Top Gifting Picks This Holiday Season

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While gifting this year may feel overwhelming to accomplish (between California’s stay-at-home order and seriously early shipping deadlines…ugh!), sending your favorite people love feels more important than ever during this difficult season in our lives. I love the idea of sending gifts that inspire more self love and clean products that encourage practicing healthier habits… it feels like the best gift we can give at a time like this. Luckily, Shop Good is a one-stop self-care shop for all the tools to inspire our best and healthiest selves. I thought it would be fun to share my short list of the gifts I’m sending, straight from the SG to my closest family and friends.

Agent Nateur Holy Trinity Set

This kit is a serious win due to the swoon-worthy products at the amazing bundled price point. The classically lux line of Agent Nateur is known for its rich, complex formulas and clean, minimalist and Parisian-style vibes. This Holiday, AN Founder, Jena, pulled together the three products in her line that work so synergistically together; it’s kind of insane to have witnessed the results they’ve brought to my skin and many of my customers’ skin, alike. It includes Agent’s serum-toner complex Holi(water), their glow-indicing facial oil Holi(oil) and my personal favorite all-natural and hyper-potent Vitamin C on our shelves, Holi(c). I’m gifting this set to a few of my favorite skincare maximalists in my life to really pull off that “omg…wowww, no way!” factor.

Matrescence Stretch Mark Relief Hydrating Oil

I feel like I’m just now coming out of that true postpartum stage. My hyperpigmentation is finally starting to fade, my hair loss has gone through the dreaded cycle and is starting to grow back in the form of fine little baby hairs, and even my linea nigra has almost fully faded away. Being on the other side of it all, I believe the most important thing for prenatal and new mammas to focus on is to hydrate hydrate hydrate – the face, the belly, the butt and thighs – in order to keep that dry skin away, limit itchy bellies and avoid lingering stretch marks. So Matrescence’s Hydrating Oil is the gift I’m giving to every new or soon-to-be-new mamma I know. The smell is intoxicating, it’s powerhouse antioxidants are v. revitalizing, and I’m obsessed with the blend of oils founder, Raquel Nowak, chose to seriously nourish and rebuild skin elasticity.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

I’m constantly asked what my ride-or-die makeup products are. While I’ve curated *quite* the collection over the years, it’s those few items i’ll never flip out, regardless of how many potential replacements I trial. Kjaer Weis’s cream blush is one of those that I just can’t be caught without. I love how it layers on and melts into my liquid foundation, but once blended in, wears almost just like a powder blush – never slick, always velvety and holds its poppy hue all day long – even while taking my mask on and off throughout the day. I’m fair to olive skin-toned with yellow/green undertones and I wear shade ‘Blossoming’. I’m snagging this makeup must-have for my cousin and a couple of my BFF’s who spend a lot of their free time fighting for the environment – Kjaer Weis’s entire makeup line is made up of refillable cases for the ultimate sustainable yet glam gift. 

Moon Juice SuperYou

I’ve had a long history with supplements. For 8 years I trialed (and error-ed) and trialed some more, only to find that many supplements I took were superfluous, lower quality than expected or not meeting what my body needed. However, SuperYou surprised me. This simple yet powerful blend of adaptogens (made with Ashwaghana, Rhodiolia and Shatavari) makes for one of those supplements you notice when you accidentally skip. It brings me a level of calm, grounding and clarity during my day that I haven’t experienced from any other form supplementation. I personally depend on it so much (especially right now), so it’s on my list for a few of my close family members who are feeling the weight of the world and could use a little peace and ease right about now. 

At Home Facial Kit

It’s such a bummer that we’ve had to close our San Diego spas, yet again. My skin is currently feeling extra dry, blemish prone and dull due to the change in weather… and the constant stress of being a business owner right now. While I can’t pop into the spa to see my favorite Estheticians, it’s pretty amazing that I can still give myself a Shop Good facial at home! When you purchase an At Home Facial Package, our Estheticians will custom mix two treatment masks, pair it with a sustainable palo santo stick, essential oils and a few key facial tools to bring the spa home. I think an at-home facial is the most fun and unique gift one can give right now, especially given the limitations on out-of-the-house self care. For my Shop Good loyalist friends who don’t need the full kit and kaboodle, our Mini At Home Facial Package is a great way to send self care that is customized, targeted and completely results-oriented. Give the gift of ‘i-feel-like-im-at-the-spa-but-I’m-not-omg-thank-you!!’.

Moody Girl Chocolates

In. Every. Single. One. Of. My. Family’s. Stockings. Healthy chocolate. Not much else to say here. Except for the fact that this chocolate brand is local to our beloved San Diego, the founder’s name is also Leah, it’s organic, very low-glycemic and made with supplementary adaptogens and minerals to help soothe, balance and chill out the bod while indulging in an afternoon or nighttime treat. This is a necessary treat that no one will be mad about receiving every night of Hanukkah. My go to is Chill Out – what can I say; mint chocolate chip or bust. 

Feeling inspired to gift to your loved ones, or maybe even treat yourself? I hope my gift list has helped give you a few ideas on how to treat your loved ones. We all need and deserved to be pampered as we close 2020, and we hope Shop Good can help you to achieve just that. Thank you for supporting our small business this year, and especially during this unique holiday season.  So grateful for you. Happy gifting, clean beauties!




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