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The One Mineral We’re Using to Solve Everything


We’re going to give you the punch line first: magnesium — mainly because it’s the answer to almost all of your problems. And you don’t have time to waste!

Simply put, it’s the coconut oil of the supplement world, as it’s essential for over 360(!) biochemical processes in your body and critical for most of your organs to effectively work – affecting your adrenal glands, hormone production, digestion, bowel movements, sleep patterns, as well as brain and gut health.

And though the important nature of this mineral remains high, the depletion of this building block o’ life in commercial farm soils, mixed with our run-the-world way of life creates an overwhelming deficiency in most people.

But maybe you’ve already read the buzz about this magnificent mineral and indulged in the bottle of CALM, stocked for your well-being at Shop Good. Amazing! While you’re taking great measures to dissolve it in water regularly, we thought we’d tip you off with just one more way to absorb this critical substance.

By consuming magnesium transdermally (through the skin) via magnesium spray, you’re able to actually target your location of need vs. processing it through your digestive tract and asking the body to direct the magnesium where needed. Plus, when sprayed onto the skin, your body can quickly absorb it too. (psst — our skin is an excellent pathway to our bloodstream, which is reason #8475 our mad love for all-natural products grows by the hour!).

Cherry on top: magnesium spray has zero odor and won’t stain your clothes.

Whether you need to be lulled to sleep, battling achy muscles from all those new January workouts, or feeling stressed (oh, what’s that like?!) — magnesium can provide the remedy in a few spritzes.

As a nightly ritual, we recommend spraying the tops of your feet with magnesium spray — it’s a very absorbent part of the body!   This brand is our go-to, but if you’re feeling scrappy, DIY is always an option. This extra boost of magnesium will flood you with sweet dreams, calm your busy mind and soothe the bod + spirit to take on your year in stride.


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