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Know Your Flora

Turns out, there are one trillion bugs living ON our skin. And not just on the surface – they transcend all the way into the subcutaneous fat layer.

This complex and unique populous of skin bacteria is your first line of defense. AKA, a healthy and robust skin microbiome can protect against environmental pollutants, toxins, and overgrowth of bad bacteria.

Inversely, a compromised skin microbiome (due to factors like poor diet, stress and long-term use of harsh products) may make your skin more susceptible to inflammation, acne + premature aging. Simply put… the more strains of bacteria = the healthier the skin!

For a flourishing skin microbiome…



TRY OIL CLEANSING / Botnia – ‘Balancing Oil Cleanser’

This velvety oil gets the job done sans any harsh foaming or overly-stripping ingredients. It’s loaded with nourishing botanicals like Meadowsweet, Lavender + Comfrey that directly target bad bacteria while also respecting the skin’s ecosystem. Massage 1-2 pumps onto dry skin and gently wipe away with a warm (never hot!) washcloth.

DITCH ALCOHOLS / Ode to Self – ‘Wave Toning Essence’

Say ‘no’ to toners with drying ingredients like alcohols, which can cause damage to the skin’s barrier and collection of bacteria. Instead, reach for this soothing-yet-effective option that helps tighten pores, refines skin, and actively works to restore your flora’s balance apres-cleanse.


EXFOLIATE WISELY / Tata Harper – ‘Radiance Mask’

Rubbing and scrubbing our skin’s barrier too frequently is a big no-no. This literally disturbs our precious flora’s environment – and can throw everything out.of.whack. Limit exfoliation to 1-2x a week max (depending on your skin type) and reach for this soothing mask that uses a gentle AHA blend to dissolve dead skin cells + Sugar Prebiotics to restore microbiome balance.


PROTECT THAT BARRIER / The Nue Co – ‘Barrier Culture Moisturizer’

Give your microbiome a super-locked-in moisture boost with our new go-to moisturizer. Squalane, Niacinamide and a complex of peptides, ceramides + prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics repair and repopulate the skin barrier for visibly plump, firm + hydrated skin.


Have more skin flora Q’s? Book a facial with our Holistic Estheticians!

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