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The 411 on Ingrown Hairs


Our not-so-favorite part of the summer months? Ingrown hairs. If you choose to wax, shave or pluck you’re probably familiar with these trapped hairs that may cause itching, inflammation, pain and redness. No thanks!

Say buh-bye to this summer woe with these 3 easy steps…



EXFOLIATE / Botnia ‘Luminous Body Scrub’Your pre-shave prep can greatly influence your risk of getting an ingrown hair. We recommend exfoliating once a week with a gentle scrub to buff away anything that may potentially clog your freshly-shaved pores. This formula uses finely ground sea salt + a revitalizing blend of essential oils for a true *spa-worthy* moment.

HYDRATE + TREAT / Lady Suite ‘Rejuvenating Botanical Oil’After care is key! Hydrating + moisturizing post-shave keeps your pores happy and nourished for ultimate restoration. Intentionally formulated for your delicate areas, this oil combines essential fatty acids + bacteria-fighting botanicals to prevent ingrown hairs and irritation.

NO PICKING! / Shop Good ‘Dry BrushOh no! You got an inevitable ingrown. Whatever happens: do. not. pick. Digging, scraping and squeezing out the hair can cause an infection, increase inflammation and even scar. Best course of action? Leave it alone! And if you must keep your hands busy, spend some time dry brushing the rest of your body (hi, lymphatic drainage!) while letting your ingrown heal.


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