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How to: Manage Your Melasma!

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First things first…what is it? Melasma is categorized by light-to-dark brown patches of pigment that appear on the face due to hormonal changes or exposure to UV light. Most commonly, melasma appears around the mouth, nose and cheek areas.

Women’s hormones are constantly in flux. And, when it comes to melasma, elevated estrogen levels (and to a lesser degree, elevated progesterone levels) are associated with increased pigmentation in the skin. This is why melasma may appear during pregnancy, while using oral contraceptives, and during hormone replacement therapy. These elevated hormonal levels stimulate melanocytes (a.k.a your color-making cells) to produce more pigment.

While melasma may eventually go away on its own, choosing the *right* tools to support your skin can help accelerate the process and prevent it from coming back altogether.

Brighter skin ahead…


Masking Magic! / Osea ‘White Algae Mask’We love reaching for this antioxidant-rich mask when melasma is appearing a little more pronounced. White Tea Extract + Resveratrol will help brighten the appearance of your skin while calming inflammation + delivering moisture. A plus: you can sleep with this on!

Love At First Mist! / Wildcare ‘Lemon Light Hydrosol’Mist this hydrosol onto your face AM + PM for ultimate brightening support. Lemon has shown to significantly lighten dark spots while treating the skin to antioxidants + vitamin C.

More C, Please! / goopglow ‘20% Vitamin C Serum’Our go-to serum for targeting any pigmentation. This combines a blend of 20% L-ascorbic acid + hyaluronic acid. Synergistically, they work to help drastically lighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation as well as improve firmness, tone, and hydration.

Dab It Out! / Living Libations ‘Ozonated Dew Dab’This small but mighty jar is infused with regenerating plant power. Containing 3 different types of Chamomile, this will be your go-to spot treatment to help diminish signs of melasma. Psst… It works on blemishes + scarring, too!

Retinol Rescue!Tata Harper ‘Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil’ – The red carpet roll out when it comes to treating pigmentation… and targeting prevention, too! Retinoic acid derived from Rosehips will help accelerate cell turnover, revealing fresh skin and assisting the skin in removing any signs of pigmentation.


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