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Handle Your Hormones like the Greeks


Ah, the beauty of being a woman. We truly relish in everything fabulous that is feminine.

But when the temps are this warm, the last thing you need is for your hormones to give you trouble. We’re talking major cramps, hot flashes, sensitive mood, feeling BLAH…. the works.
If you’re racking your brain for why these hormones are acting up, estrogen overload may be to blame. In a divine twist of fate, the chemicals in your traditional makeup and household products, along with the toxins that abound in 2016 life actually mimic estrogen in the body. Estrogen dominance can be a cause of unwanted weight gain, chronic acne, roller-coaster moods and even abnormal cells. 
So, when climate change is smacking you this hard upside the head, it’s time to turn to ancient remedies to heal what ails you and supercharge what just feels “okay”.
2,000 years ago, Ancient Roman and Grecian cultures alike used chaste tree berry as a herbal supplementation to support their moods and enhance mental clarity. Today, it is a tool touted as “the woman’s herb” for:

  • Regulating the menstrual cycle and supporting regular ovulation
  • Boosting fertility and increasing breast milk supply
  • Reducing PMS symptoms like acne and breast tenderness by supporting your pituitary glands that produce the luteinizing and progesterone hormones, thus balancing out estrogens
  • Regulating the ups and downs associated with going off of birth control by naturally encouraging the body’s own hormone production

It is a bitter, slow-acting (meaning it builds the more you take it) herb that can be found in both herbal tea and supplement form.  Hint hint, another term for the herb is Vitex, so look out for this too!

This weekend, stroll over to the nearest body of water to snag some vitamin D and (hopefully) a breeze. Bring a large mug of balancing iced chaste tree berry tea… along with Alisa Vitti’s The Woman Code as an eye-opening book rife with ‘aha!’ moments as an alternative to the saucy beach read.  #girlpower

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