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Gut Check: August at Shop Good!


Hi SG Fam, Leah here! And…it’s August! (woah.)

Lately, I’ve found myself struggling to re-discover this idea of balance. Transitioning from business owner to new-mom-in-quarantine to a blend of both while jumping back into the social sphere, it’s been difficult to navigate my ideal version of “balance” while re-learning how to prioritize my own health amidst it all. Has this been difficult for you too? 

But, what I’ve continued to discover each time life feels “out of balance” is: I already have all the answers. Yep, tapping into that trusty gut intuition seems to perpetually guide me to what I am needing more of, less of, or in place of. Whether it’s a shift in eating habits, more space to rest my mind or a particular wellness tool to boost my body… when I pause and check in, my gut knows best! 

And isn’t it wild that our guts are the center of our universe? Not only can it guide us on the right track, but it is an incredible ecosystem of microflora and diverse bacteria (about 10-100 trillion microbial cells!) that play a role in our digestion, the strength of our immune system and even the breakouts we see pop up on our skin! And when things fall out of balance in there… we may feel out of balance too. 

Bottom line? We could all use more frequent ‘check-in’s’ with our guts. And the cool part is, we can play a huge role in shaping and establishing our own gut health! From the thoughts we think to the foods and products we choose to absorb. Empowering, right?! That’s why we’re declaring August as gut health month!

Welcome to Gut Check at Shop Good!

All month, look forward to effortless ways to strike that microbiome balance from head to toe. Think: simplified gut-healing tutorials and recipes… skin microbiome + barrier function 101… the DL on stress x gut health… and everyday ways to tap into that powerhouse gut intuition of yours. Plus, we’ll be launching a V special brand who we think is ‘best-in-class’ when it comes to achieving results via the gut-skin connection. 

Follow your gut! Let’s dive into the magical and mysterious ecosystem that is our gut microbiome. Because the more we tap into that gut feeling, the clearer the path to more *feel good vibes* and uncovering our own version of total body balance. 



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