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Good Talks No. 19 / feat. Leah Kirpalani!


Good Talks is an interview series championing unique perspectives and backgrounds in the beauty + wellness space. Meet the movers, shakers and inspiration voices who are out to challenge the norm, inspire new ways of thinking and encourage radical self care.

Meet Leah Kirpalani — Founder and face of Shop Good. We’re finishing off our month of #BeautySchool to learn where or Founder sees the clean beauty industry heading in the next five years, why she loves her tongue scraper + more on the person who has inspired her beauty philosophy.

Shop Good: Hi Leah! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what led you to create Shop Good. 

Leah: The heart of Shop Good is my own personal health journey. For over 8 years, I searched tirelessly for answers as to why I felt so terrible… and it wasn’t a straight line nor an easy path. I spent the early part of my career in fashion merchandising, and while it met my goals and wishes on paper, my deteriorating health took precedent; I desperately wished for a place where I could go to seek answers, recommendations and tools to heal my body, and find people that could relate and understand me. When I quit my corporate job, I decided to study my few found passions – health and wellness – and upon moving to San Diego, realized there was an opportunity to create the space I personally wished for and needed. It’s what I strive to provide at Shop Good every day: a safe space where our customers can share their wellness stories and be inspired by new ways of taking care of their bodies. Our stores and spas offer the opportunity for our customers to come in and fully experience self care – whether by exploring our curated assortment of clean beauty and skincare products or resting the mind, body and caring for our skin in our facial treatment rooms.  

SG: You’re about to have your second baby – congrats!! How has your beauty routine changed during pregnancy and what are your top products you’ve been using (can be skin/wellness/lifestyle too)?

L: Thanks for the warm wishes! My beauty routine changed immediately upon having my first child, Cleo. She was born peak-pandemic era and amidst the stressors of sleepless nights, running a small business during closures and quarantines and trying to fit in care for myself somewhere in between, it came down to the necessities. Today, while I still consider myself a skincare and beauty maximalist 😉 I have paired down daily to my absolute favorites depending on the season and what my skin is asking for. 

A few current top picks during pregnancy #2:

Shop Leah’s Preggo Picks

SG: Who has been the most inspiring to you as you’ve formed your philosophy around beauty?

L: I talk about my Grandmommy, Dorothy, a lot when I’m asked about who shaped my philosophy around beauty. Ever since I was a little girl, I watched her meticulously spend hours caring for her skin and applying a flawless face of makeup. Everyone knew her by her first name at all the Department Store beauty counters. Talk about a beauty maximalist… she was #goals! Ever since she passed, I think about how much devotion she had to her self care and beauty routine. She inspired me to see our beauty regimens as a full on self care tool. I ended up finding this so helpful and inspiring during my journey to reclaiming my health. I sought out ‘clean’ skincare and makeup in order to continue indulging in my passion for beauty while prioritizing my healing and self care rituals as well! 

SG: Rapid fire, MySpace survey style…we wanna know your favorites, what you’re currently into and how you like your coffee:

Currently Reading/Fav Book: Sacred Birthing,: Birthing a New Humanity, by Sunni Karll D.D.  This book was recommended to me by one of my muses, Nicole Granato, as I prep for labor and birth of my second child! “

Current Song Obsession: Working on my birth playlist right now – so I’m deep into some melodic, ambient and atmospheric jams to calm my body and get into the zone! Artists like Hammock, Ashana, AAESOP and Jon Hopkins are a few that I’ve recently added.

Your Favorite AM/PM Rituals: AM: going into my daughters room each morning for sweet and soft wake up cuddles. PM: my current body care routine brings me so much joy. I layer Osea’s ‘Undaria Algae Body Oil‘ under their Undaria Algae Body Butter – a 37 week pregnant belly’s bliss!

Go-to cocktail/mocktail order: When pregnant: pelligrino and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice! Post-birth: I cannot wait for a mezcal, soda and fresh squeezed lime on the rocks. 

Go-to Beauty Tool: My tongue scraper. Yep. my skin, digestion and even mental health all benefit. Oral health is gut health is total body health!

Favorite Influencer: I’m a sucker for fashionista, business-owner moms like Babba, Emily Weiss and Rocky Barnes

Current Snack Obsession: All day I think about greek yogurt and fruit. 

Dream dinner guest: Michelle Obama, no contest. 

Your Coffee order: Half-caff iced americano 

Favorite Podcast: The Goop Podcast

Next thing on your bucket list: Become a #boymom!


SG: Where do you hope to see the ‘Clean Beauty’ industry and Shop Good in the next 5 years?

L: I am so energized to see inclusivity show up as a higher priority in the beauty industry today. 100% of our clean cosmetics brands have addressed and extended their shade range offerings. I see brands continuing to ensure their models and color-matching guides are representative of all skin tones and the conversation is expanding to include those that have previously been underrepresented or left out of the conversation in mainstream beauty. I hope to see this continue and I commit Shop Good to being a part of this sustained change. Shop Good must continue our work to ensure our stores are truly a place for authentic inclusivity, and serve as a home for underrepresented voices, brands, employees, customers, and community members alike – within the beauty industry and beyond.


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