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Be A Dentist’s Darling (and Love Up On Your Gut!)

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We’ve never been one to shy from it; we LOVE the gut.

When our gut bacteria is happy and healthy, we are #blessed with balanced hormones, life-giving energy and protected from inflammation (peace out, bloat!)

But our bodies’ bacterial eco-system isn’t restricted to our guts– it’s ALL connected. And the journey starts…with our mouth. Oral health is incredibly important to the digestion process and for longevity, and includes the gums, teeth, lips, and tongue.

Yes, yes.  We brush our teeth. But there’s another inhabitant inside our mouths that begs for WAY more TLC than we give it; and when we attend to the tongue, the benefits are life-changing.

We love to pair our toothbrush and floss with a tongue scraper (like this one) every day.

In one minute a day, this ancient Ayurvedic practice can:

  • Help to scrape away the particles of undigested food matter that camp out on your tongue and build the virulent bacteria that can manifest itself inside your digestive tract.
  • Boost your gut-balance and immunity
  • Promote extra-fresh breath  (All the better to whisper sweet nothings to you, my dear…)
  • Activate saliva production so your stomach acid fires, translation, you can fully absorb all nutrients you bestow upon your body when eating well.

This is how you’ll incorporate this healthy habit: each evening, take your scraper and move from the back of the mouth – forward for 7-14 strokes.Use gentle pressure to give your tongue a clean slate. That’s all she wrote.

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