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Crystals For Your Best Skin

By: Juana Diez, Shop Good Product Expert and Health Coach

Crystals – all hype? Or #facefitness and body-healing tools?

While it may seem like crystals have recently gained popularity, these magical stones have been used for thousands of years to support healing, wellness, and yes, even beauty. These already have a prime spot on our coffee table for good energy and manifestation in our home (and let’s be honest – to add a little dose of sparkle to our life!) – but do they deserve a spot in your beauty cabinet too?


THE MAGIC OF CRYSTALS — Crystal healing / therapy is based on the idea that all matter is made up of energy – and crystals contain energy that resonates with the natural vibrations of the human body. Every crystal is formed in a distinct way, which means they each “vibrate” differently and have their own unique properties. If you’re an avid crystal collector (or even if you’re newly curious) you’re probably aware that this energy exchange can affect human cells and promote regeneration, healing, detoxification, and even influence your temperament and mind. BUT, interestingly enough, this mystical energy can also affect the cells of your largest organ  – we’re talking CRYSTALS FOR SKIN.

The minerals found in crystals can have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and are also associated with firming, regenerating, and toning. Whether you are experiencing dryness, itchiness, redness, puffiness, dullness, or acne – these conditions can potentially be improved with a little help from the right crystals!

CHOOSING YOUR STONE — The best way to pick the stone for you is to listen to your intuition! It’s always best to choose the stone you’re most drawn to… even if you think it’s purely for aesthetic. You are also probably attracted to the metaphysical properties of the stone subconsciously as well.

YOUR CRYSTAL SKIN RX — When it came to curating our crystal assortment for improved skin at Shop Good (have you seen our latest offering in shop yet!?) – we couldn’t think of a better person for the job than Yvonne from the @themalababe – a crystal goddess and certified crystal healer. At the top of her list for a more radiant and toned complexion: 

  • Aragonite — TO FIRM SKIN
    • Aragonite is made out of calcium carbonate – so it has amazing healing qualities to help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Amethyst — TO SOOTHE SKIN
    • Amethyst contains iron – which is an essential mineral for healthy skin. Amethyst can increase the delivery of oxygen to cells, promote cellular regeneration, and it’s anti-inflammatory properties can calm redness + breakouts!  
  • Bloodstone — TO DETOXIFY SKIN
    • Bloodstone helps support organ function and eliminate toxins from the body. Because of this, it can promote healing of inflammatory skin conditions and enhance nutrient absorption!
    • Citrine encapsulates the energy of sunshine – and helps regenerate skin by boosting the cell renewal process. Citrine will also help brighten a tired/dull complexion!
  • Rose Quartz  – TO BOOST YOUR GLOW (also our OG beauty crystal!)
    • Rose quartz is also the classic love crystal – making it one of the best tools for self-love! Rose quartz is also associated with increased circulation and encouraged lymph drainage.
    • Jade has been used to promote and maintain beauty because of its ability to strengthen the skin’s natural defenses. Jade also represents longevity and can help address signs of aging.
  • Selenite — TO CALM ACNEIC SKIN
    • Selenite contains calcium and sulfur, which are both great minerals for helping calm acne and neutralizing redness.
  • Orange Calcite — TO HEAL SKIN CONDITIONS
    • Calcite is one of the most common of the carbonate minerals and a powerful cleanser of energy, which allows it to help heal a wide range of skin conditions. Calcite can also be used to speed up healing of warts or wounds!


SUPERCHARGING YOUR SKINCARE REGIMEN —  Now that you know which crystal is right for your skin goals, these stones can be incorporated into your beauty routine in countless ways.

  • Properly cleanse and submerge your crystal of choice into your favorite facial oil.
  • If the stone has smooth edges, use directly on your skin by gently gliding over your face several times (Note: make sure your skin is properly moisturized with a facial oil first! Our new selenite wand is perfect for this!)
  • Use facial tools already made up of crystals – like our facial rollers or gua sha boards.
  • Keep on your bedside table or under your pillow to absorb the healing properties while you sleep and your skin regenerates.
  • Make your own crystal elixir by soaking crystals of choice in purified water or cold herbal tea. Mist this on your skin throughout the day to soak up all the healing properties! Play around with different combinations or use the crystals separately.
  • While laying down, place crystals directly on the areas of your face you wish to target or improve, and practice deep breathing with closed eyes for a bit each day.

The healing properties of crystals is subtle but can be far-reaching and visible if you allow it to be. Even if you’re not yet fully convinced, the strong placebo effect will make you feel good, and in turn LOOK good! Because there really is nothing better than good vibes AND a radiant complexion!


Additional questions about crystals for your skin? Our Product Experts and Holistic Esthetician are here ready to support! Email us at or give us a call at the Shop! 619-501-5362.

*Photos by Juana Diez

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