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How These Clean Beauty Babes #practicesafeskin



All month long #skinsafety has been our on our minds and between our lips! We’ve shared tips, tricks, hacks and truths about how we can (and must!) protect our skin from the elements. So, we’ve pulled together how our favorite Brand Founders and Beauty Babes #practicesafeskin – just for you!

Read on for their sun-protection tips and skin-saving routines…

Monica, Berlin Skin Founder:

safe skin berlin skin monica

Monica always wears a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and covers up with loose lightweight cardigans which are great for any season. She also won’t leave her house without applying some W3LL PEOPLE Bio Tint Multi Action Moisturizer with SPF 30 and anti-aging ingredients like organic coconut, green tea, pomegranate, and aloe vera.

Justine, Botnia Founder:  

safe skin justine botnia

Stay away from over exfoliating, which can cause serious damage to your skin! Botnia’s Kale Yeah Mask  is a great product to heal, repair and add serious glow to your complexion. The natural vitamin A, along with colloidal oatmeal will bring moisture to the surface of the skin. By mixing it with goat’s milk yogurt you will get a slight exfoliation without disrupting barrier function because of the natural lactic acid, and rebalance the skin with probiotics and good bacteria!

Bee, H is for Love Founder:


Bee drinks 36 oz of filtered Berkey water first thing in the morning, with 1 oz of Humic Minerals and 1 drop of Vitamin D3. She follows that with some skin serious food for healthy skin from the inside out! Bee’s morning cacao beverage (or “Love Potion”) is loaded with adaptogens and antioxidants, like raw cacao, maca root, tocos, medicinal mushrooms, cinnamon, and mineral salt for the ultimate skin protection. Bee is also a huge believer in exposing your skin for short periods of time to the sun to absorb all the benefits a little sunshine can provide (especially the torso area!) – ranging from boosting our mood, activating vitamin D production, and increasing immunity.

Topically, H is for Love all day (everyday) islands how she rolls (I mean, can you blame her?!). A gentle cleanse with Rapha, mist of Pollen, and moisturizing with Nectar and Bara is her non-negotiable routine.

Tricia, President and Founder of Suntegrity:

safe skin tricia suntegrity

Prior to wearing sunscreen, Tricia applies a serum rich in antioxidants to helps quench free radical damage and boost defence against the sun. She also avoids tanning  and opts for Suntegrity’s 5-in-1 Self Tanner made with eco-certified DHA from sugar beets instead for a golden summer glow. Have you tried this summer-staple yet?!

Gina, Veyali Founder:

safe skin gina veyali

Gina starts every morning with an outdoor 20 minute walk to soak up some safe vitamin D (prior to peak hours) which is essential for optimizing your skin’s immune system and helping to fight free radicals. She always slathers on non-nano Zinc Oxide sunscreen on her face, body and tops of the hands. Lastly, she loves to wear her beautiful 100% plant based perfumes (Cielo and Oliya), great for spending time outdoors this summer because they are formulated with safe dermal levels of citrus oils, so they won’t cause any photosensitivity!

Leah, Shop Good Founder:

safe skin leah shop good

Leah works hard every day to reverse the decades of Arizona sun (years without sunscreen – ugh!) Never leaving the house without her Suntegrity 5-1 Sunscreen + Primer, Leah also like to focus on ultimate hydration during her nighttime routine. Giving herself a 5-minute facial massage with Botnia’s Replenishing Oil does the trick. She focuses on pressure points and stimulation, especially around her chin area where she tends to break out. Giving the skin extra stimulation via massage helps Botnia’s hydrating oil to penetrate more effectively and thus hydrate deeper, as well as help with cellular turnover to keep sun spots or fine lines away for as long as possible!

January, Shop Good Holistic Esthetician:


Jan won’t leave the house without slathering on SPF – even looking for SPF in foundations is great for extra protection! She always recommends to apply on your hands and neck as well (which many of us are guilty of forgetting about) – but these areas age quicker than others! Using antioxidant-rich serums underneath your moisturizer is also a must. She’s currently loving Osea’s Vitamin Sea Serum, rich in hyaluronic acid for hydration, turmeric to combat signs of inflammation, and green tea for a heavy dose of skin-protecting antioxidants.

Juana, Shop Good Product Expert:  


Juana focuses on eating whole nutrient-dense foods every day – lots of antioxidants in the form of green tea, organic berries, leafy greens, turmeric and fresh organic celery juice every morning (to alkalize, detoxify and its rich silica content!) My go to supplements: Sunfood Chlorella Tablets, Ora Organics Probiotics, and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Also,  she’s totally crushing on Botnia’s Gentle Hydration Mask to help soothe and repair my redness-prone skin!

Desi McKinnon, Cordial Organics Founder


Desi commits to using an infrared sauna 2-3x week to help drain any toxins from the skin. Topically, her skincare routine looks something like this:
1. Honey to cleanse the face for hydration and bacteria-combatting.
2. Cordial Organics Rose Hydrosol – Calms redness and feelings of irritation.
3. Cordial Organics Nourish Oil – A hydrating blend of supercritical chia oil combined with CBD and restorative essential oils – regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and calming.
4. Suntegrity 5 in 1 Sunscreen – Because San Diego, aging, and we all need protection.

Alexis, Shop Good Intern:


Alexis’ skin safety essentials include: jade rolling in the AM to boost collagen production and cellular turnover and always reapplying SPF chapstick throughout the day to prevent burnt / chapped lips from the sun. She also has a pretty cute sunglass collection if you ask us – which she likes to coin ‘PROTECTION as fashion’!

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