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Breathe In

What does “You Can Have Both” Actually Mean??


Maybe you’re at a fork in the road.

Maybe it feels like you hit it every time the weekend rolls around, every evening or when you wake up.

The decision at hand? To make self-care a priority or do the thing that’s convenient, easy, a little bit indulgent and a lot more fun.

Shop Good was created out of necessity because these dilemmas for so long, kept our founder, Leah up at night. Her twenties were one big treasure hunt of wellness hacks and deciphering supplements, doctors appointments and beauty labels. But those moments fraught with extra stress, deciding between green juice or tequila on the rocks– well they’re O-V-E-R.

Instead, we decided a long time ago that we deserved both. It’s not about choosing one day to honor your body and the next to have to turn a blind eye to your daily routine (we’re looking at you, formaldehyde-infused mascara!)

We want you feel beautiful, confident and full of energy; that your bod’s got your back. And know this– we’ve got you too.

We’ve created a space to divulge these best-kept wellness secrets: here, we share ingredients that satiate your sweet tooth AND rebalance your digestive tract, whip up morning elixirs made to wake you up AND support your adrenals, and swipe on lipstick so you feel sexy AND never give a second thought whether it’s dragging down your toxic load.

Our shop is redefining wellness with lifestyle and beauty products that do both : they’re beautiful, healing and effective. And armed with them, you can be all things: the modern woman, caring for your mind, body and spirit on the go.

We’re so thrilled to share this movement with you, support you in all ways, and celebrate what makes you beautiful. Because that list is SUPER long. <3


Next time you’re tossing some ghee in your coffee, or rubbing essential oil on your temples before your back-to-back meetings– we wanna know! Show us how you “have both” and shout it loud from the rooftops (of IG, that is). Tag us @shopgoodco & spread the word!


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