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How Our Brand Founders Are Finding Comfort at Home



Stressful times can leave us craving feelings of peace and calm. But it’s important to remember (now more than ever), the we are all on the same page – learning how to navigate together – and taking one day at a time. We’re choosing to stay positive and find comfort in unexpected places, while turning to each other for extra support.

Today, we asked a few of our best-selling Shop Good Brand Founders to share ways they’re finding comfort at home – whether it’s a new ritual they’ve incorporated into their everyday, essential tools they’re reaching for, or simply, how they’re feeling about the current state of the world.


Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 2.44.55 PMMonica, Berlin Skin FounderDuring this time of quarantine, I’ve been focusing on prioritizing my mental, spiritual, and physical health. Instead of getting caught up in the ever-changing news cycle, I’m committing to as many of my daily rituals as possible (prayer, exercise, gratitude, healthy eating) – recognizing that I can stay informed without being constantly glued to my phone. Sticking to these disciplines has afforded me extra hours to spend on creativity and mastering some new skills…hello Spanish and vocal lessons! I’ve also been intentional about taking quality supplements to care for my body and skin: some of my daily go-tos are LivOn Labs Vitamin C + Glutathione, MUD\WTR Masala Chai, Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, and a probiotic. Maintaining a sense of normalcy and healthy rhythms has afforded me lowered stress levels and a greater sense of calm and peace.”


Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.52.11 PMJenna, Linne Botanicals Founder – My husband and I are in our third week of quarantine and while I certainly hope this will be over soon, I’m really enjoying this quiet, cozy time together. We have been filling our days with long walks and snuggles with our pup, dance parties, video chats with friends and family, and lots and lots of cooking. We’ve got microgreens growing, a fridge busting with produce and my husband has turned our kitchen into a bread bakery! We’ve dusted off the pasta machine and tortilla press as well – so needless to say – its a carb party around here! Of course we have been eating a gorgeous array of produce too – got to feed the skin 🙂 Additionally we’ve started to take on abandoned projects like natural dying and are teaching ourselves to play card games like cribbage around the fire at night. Now as always, I love connecting with our community and given the pause in in-person opportunities I am aiming to increase our social media presence. I plan to do more IG live and invite interesting guests to share their holistic skincare tips and tricks, so please follow us and let us know what topics you’d like us to cover. Last but not least, I should mention that I’ve been taking some epic baths! While soaking I mask with PURIFY and ACTIVATE, and afterwards indulge in meditative self-massage with SMOOTH, RENEW & REPAIR.”


Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.51.49 PMTata, Tata Harper Founder – “For me, this time of uncertainty is also a time to reset, both in my personal life and for nature. Just as we see nature starting to reset after a few weeks of humans not polluting it, I’m using this time to rest and reconnect. I’ve been cleaning and organizing a lot, which really calms me down. I’ve been slowing down my beauty rituals, taking the time to triple cleanse, multi-mask, and do face massages. I’ve also been involving my kids in my beauty rituals – it’s such a great time to talk and connect.”

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Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.51.58 PMJenefer, OSEA Founder “After wanting to incorporate dry brushing into my daily routine, I finally have found the time in our new shared reality! Dry brushing stimulates the brain/body connection, which is essential for me right now. I do it in the morning to help wake up, plus it has a calming effect, which helps me start my day. I dry brush and then follow with OSEA’s Undaria Algae Body Oil. It makes my skin glow and is actually getting rid of the crepey skin on my arms and legs. (yahoo!) The Undaria Algae Body Oil is aunique product that I formulated ten years ago. We soak the Undaria Algae in organic botanical oils for six months. The seaweed breaks down and infuses minerals into the oil. Because of the high mineral content it really firms and tightens my skin. And I LOVE how it absorbs, especially after I’ve just dry brushed my skin! I’m getting hooked on starting my days with this self soothing ritual AND I’m loving the added bonus that I’m getting rid of my crepey skin. See you this summer!  ;)”


Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.51.39 PMKayla, Luna Volta Founder This time has felt especially heavy for me, especially with so much screentime and information/media overload. I’ve been finding comfort with a combination of feel-good activities to keep my mind calm and my physical health in good shape. To limit screentime, I am spending more time in the kitchen preparing herbal immune-boosting recipes for my household and incorporating medicinal mushrooms like reishi, chaga, shiitake, and lion’s mane into broths, energy bites, and teas. Spending time unwinding in the bath with our CBD bath bombs, the PLANETS and maintaining a daily dose of our premium wellness hemp oil NOVA helps to keep my body in balance and working optimally. Journaling and practicing gratitude have also helped get my anxious thoughts out of my head and onto paper. For my mental and physical health, I am tapping into my meditation community for group meditations and sound baths with The Big Quiet and also exploring new at-home workouts – I’ve been loving Aubre Winters IG lives and Qi Gong with Courtney Alex. To get better sleep, I am limiting screen time by leaving my phone in another room and reading fiction before bed to help unwind my mind from the day and to induce the dream state. My dreams are usually vivid but I’ve found them extra heightened during this time, in a good way, allowing my mind space to breathe and my subconscious to tap into my creativity by exploring new ‘dream’ worlds.”

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.52.23 PMJena, Agent Nateur Founder – I am trying to find the silver linings during COVID-19, and there are many! I love the clean air and skies, the stillness and my deeper connection with my friends and customers. The universe is asking us to slow down and retrieve. In doing so, we are giving our planet a much needed break to heal from pollution and the toxic overload. It’s also giving us a chance to get quiet which enhances our intuition and creativity. I’m keeping my immune system strong through deep breaths, the AIP diet, liquid zinc, spirulina, astragalus, vitamin d3 with k, vitamin c, elderberry, probiotics, digestive enzymes, magnesium and methylated vitamin B.”


Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.52.04 PM

Rosette, Moss Mornings Founder – “Deep breath. On the bright side, there is a comfort and positive light to slowing down, spending time with my family, and using our space we call home every day. These moments today are tough. I recommend eating whole foods that are bright and colorful like the rainbow. Whole foods like (kale, beets, yellow peppers, blueberries), are rich in antioxidants leading to less oxidative stress to the body, and SKIN! I’m taking this time not to rush the slow. Mornings, are my favorite time. I find comfort by staying true to my morning rituals, eating right, having this extra for my family, and self care.  Mornings, are when I know my skincare routine worked overnight. For you, at home, I created Moss Mornings Sleep Peel, a simple self care step when missing your monthly facial. Right now, is a perfect time to incorporate a skincare routine if you do not have one. May you be well. Stay safe, and stay inspired.” 


Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.51.28 PMGabrielle, Activist Manuka FounderOur family had already been in isolation at home in Topanga before the official lockdown started, due to the birth of our beautiful baby girl last month. We have been incorporating many things as a family to find comfort during these uncertain times. Our morning starts very early with coffee and lots of cuddles in bed. I watch the sun rise over the valley from our bedroom; I am so blessed to have the most stunning view. I give thanks for many things and people in my life; I try to take time to meditate, pray or just have a moment of stillness. We make green juice, smoothies, banana and oat pancakes or homemade granola for breakfast. We always have spoonfuls of Activist Mānuka to keep our immune systems strong, especially at this time! My three-year-old boy Cisco and I do baking projects from my friend Carter’s new cookbook. We take long nature walks in the afternoon from our house on the mountain. I love cooking for my family and providing them with nourishing meals made with love. Cooking is a form of meditation for me and I will always listen to music when doing so; favorites this week have been Alice Coltrane, Bob Marley and Mulatu Astatke. I like to end the day with a hot evening bath with Epsom Salts and my favorite Bodha Ground Incense burning (It’s not as relaxing as it sounds, as this is accompanied by Cisco!). I will do a face mask with my Activist Mānuka Honey. In between all of this, my husband and I are working on Activist; fulfilling online orders for our amazing customers, making sure our retailers have enough stock and working on some exciting new products launching later this year (as well as looking after our two children!)”

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 1.52.17 PMAli, Bon Temps Founder Dylan said it right, the times they are a-changin’. And while these times are uncertain, I’ve found that embracing the ambiguity to fuel a “no routine” routine is my best bet. I indulge each need during my at-home isolation by curating little moments that bring joy and shake off the monotony – in french we’d call these moments “bon temps” or “good times.” Naturally, this means I’m breaking for a spicy Bon Temps Chai latté, practicing with Duolingo, making curry from scratch, and reading, among so many other simple little pleasures. It’s the type of strategy that keeps the pressure to “do something productive” at bay, allowing you to live in the moment and take things one small step at a time.” 


How are you finding comfort at home during this time? Let us know in the comments below!

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