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Bold Brows in Three Products


Lets get one thing clear: there is no perfect one brow-shape fits all.  Think of your brows like sisters, not twins. One is kinda crazy and likes to do her own thing, while the other is very textbook and likes to follow the rules. The trick is finding the compromise between the two while still letting them be themselves!

Here at Shop Good, we’re all about embracing and highlighting our natural beauty – case in point – letting our brows be who they want to be! No need to fear the over-waxed-brow nightmare! I know we’ve all had that one experience that seemingly traumatized us of trusting anyone in the future with our brows.

We believe your brows are your best accessory. As an expert brow artist, I’ve taken intensive workshops by celebrity brow artists Tonya Crooks and Kelly Baker. She is professionally trained in creating balance and symmetry in your complexion by making the most out of your natural brow shape. I’m here to help you achieve that! (yep, we do brow waxing in our Shop Good Spa!)

But, what can we be doing to love up on our brows outside of the Shop Good treatment room? How can we promote maximum growth and maximum OOMPH when it comes to the frames into our soul!? (too dramatic??)

Here are our KEY beauty + wellness tools to be bold with your brows:


We love Province Apothecary’s Full Brow Serum! This product is specifically blended with powerful and active pure botanical extracts and anti-oxidants to help fortify hair and encourage fuller looking brows. The nutritive blend of Organic Castor Seed Oil and Coffee Extract specifically targeting the hair follicles. While Organic Rosemary Leaf has been used for centuries to improve hair luster and promote the appearance of richer brows.  This growth serum can be used twice daily (after your skincare routine and before your makeup routine) to achieve stronger, healthy looking eyebrows.



We love using a toxic-free beauty wax with Vitamin E, which promotes hair growth and will help to repair any damaged hair follicles, promoting thicker hair growth within the existing follicles. We are fawning over Ecobrow’s Defining Wax because it’s highly pigmented using solely mineral pigments… and this makes it totally smudgeproof! (no wearing your brows as eyeshadow at the end of the night) Finally, it’s waxy-like consistency helps to keep hairs in place. Goodbye pesky fly-aways!ecobrow


We’ve searched near and far for the perfect brow-boldening brush. While we’ve flirted with a few, we took matters into our own hands and have now fallen in love with our first CUSTOM Shop/Good brush, just for your brows!  It features a fine-angle brush on one side, used to apply the Ecobrow gel pigment, and a spooley brush to blend and soften on the other side. It’s brush hairs are vegan and it proudly displays our Shop Good logo on the handle.

You can use this defining brow brush by lightly dabbing the angled side of the brush into the wax and apply onto brows using short hair-like strokes. Then, use the spooley side to brush brows upward and blend wax seamlessly!


acu brows

Don’t forget to squeeze in this quick moment of self care – before beginning your brow routine: Use both your thumbs to lightly press on the indicated Traditional Chinese Medicine acu-point above both eyes for 5-10 seconds. Zanzhu is great for relieving stress in dry eyes, red eyes, puffy eyes, and itchy eyes.


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