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Body Boost: November at Shop Good!

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Hello Shop Good!

Whew! We’re still catching our breath from our third birthday bash! Whether you came out to stores or popped (and waited!) online to support our small business… we’re seriously overwhelmed by the support, especially during this difficult time. Thank you all!

Even though there are only two months left until we can look at 2020 in the rear view mirror, let’s be honest – many of us may feel like we’re already out of gas. This year has been taxing, trying and caused us to head into the holiday season with just a bit less enthusiasm and vivacity than years past.

Although I can absolutely relate, it’s my commitment to continue inspiring you to keep taking good care of yourselves, even during the times when self care + healthy living feels like an afterthought, or even an unobtainable feat.

So, how can we bolster our minds, bodies and spirits in order to make it to the ball drop? How do we gather strength and energy to get through the final turn of the marathon that is 2020?

I know I could use a little boost right about now to accomplish the above. You too?

Welcome to ‘Body Boost’ / November at Shop Good!

We’re here, with a voice of optimism, to equip you with the ‘boosters’ you need to feel good now.

Let’s talk…

Immune boosters to keep your body’s defenses fired up!

Sleep boosters so those bright eyes can see clearly into the future!

Mental health boosters that will have you saying “I can do this!”

Movement boosters to keep stagnation at bay!

Gut health boosters to confidently make your way through your Thanksgiving plate!

Ways to boost your skin health despite the shift in the weather and your constant face-covering woes.

And so much more…

We’ll host brand founders like Lauren Haynes of Wooden Spoon Herbs and Omosefe of Noshaba Apothecary on IG Live to help fill our ‘Body Boost’ toolkits. We’ll move our bodies in the park with Barre3. And together, we’ll stay open and transparent when things feel hard and we need a simple boost of support and love. 

We’re almost there, SG Fam. We’ve got this… and we’ve got each other! Let’s boost our outlooks, elevate our hearts and lift each other up in this final stretch.

See you at Shop Good for Body Boost!


Psst- A surefire way to boost your communities, your country + lift each other up is by making sure you VOTE on or before November 3rd. Our stores and spas will be closed that day so our team can too.

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