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Black Lives Matter: A Letter From our Founder


To Our Shop Good Family:

Witnessing the unfolding of events over the past 10 days as a bright(er) light is finally shed on the social injustice and deeply rooted racial inequality in our society, my heart is heavy. I am angry. I am in mourning of George Floyd and the countless black lives unjustly taken due to police brutality.

I have taken the challenge to evaluate the prism through which I see the world seriously. I have spent my time learning, listening and diving deep into the educational content available, as well as dissecting my own history with white privilege. I understand it is a privilege to even be educating myself about racism, rather than experiencing it. Ultimately, I have taken critical note how I would like to show up for the black community, both personally and through the vehicle of my small business.

In building Shop Good, one of the most important things to me was ensuring that all are acknowledged, welcome and heard when entering our doors and participating in our brand. I continue to work to create a space where all can feel safe, respected and accepted – and that includes all races, genders and sexual orientations. I now clearly see that we can do better.

With the advent of social media, we have all seen trends come and go in the blink of an eye. While the sharing and reposting and amplifying of the black community’s voices, words, frustrations and calls to action is good right now (and yes, what we need!)… the real transformational action will occur off our screens.

The work is found in our consistent, on-going and sustained efforts, remaining present to the fact that the work is never done. It’s in the expansion of our comfort zones and welcoming people of color in unprecedented ways. It’s paying attention to our words and to the perceptions we bring into our inner circles of friends, family and coworkers…and calling things out when any manifestation of racism is present. The work is in meeting people who are different from us from a place of empathy and kindness,while remaining carefully aware of our biases.

These are examples of the important, meaningful action that cannot be summarized in a 15-second instagram story or grid post… and that has the best chance to create the long-lasting and transformational change we so need in this country.

Shop Good is committed to the long game. To not only change the way we operate, but in how we approach making healthy living inclusive and accessible for our black community – here in San Diego and beyond.

You’ll see this reflected in the products we offer. From supplementing our shelves with more accessible price points, extended shade ranges in our color cosmetics, and a growth in black-owned clean beauty, skincare and wellness brands.

You’ll see it in the way we grow our team and evolve our company culture. We’re committed to increasing our team’s diversity and creating a space where black people feel welcome and excited to contribute to our mission and vision.

You’ll see our efforts in the conversations we have (on and off screen), focused on black women’s health and self care. We’ll actively seek out black speakers, panelists, content creators, influencers and modelsin order to amplify and showcase the black point of view within the areas of health, wellness and beauty.

And in addition to this week’s donation to the SD Bail Fund, we’re excited to introduce simplified ways you can support worthy black causes while you support Shop Good.  More to come here, as we intentionally align ourselves with a long term charity ally we believe we can positively impact.

There is still so much to be done and I am energized to continue learning, evolving, and staying open and receptive to your feedback, input, concerns and ideas. What can we do to be better? We are here to listen. Respond to this email if you would like to talk or share. And for additional resources to support further education and awareness of this movement, including content that has spoken to me, check out our Instagram bubble titled ‘BLM’.

I’m so honored you’re here for our journey during what I believe to be a seismic shift our country. Our work in the Black Lives Matter movement is just beginning and I look forward to making important, meaningful and transformational progress with all of you.

With love and hope,





  • Text ‘JUSTICE’ to 55156 – demands that the district attorneys George Barnhill and Jackie Johnson are removed from the office 
  • Find your local, county, state, and/or federal representatives and call or email to support criminal justice reform, allocation of taxpayer funds towards community services, and call for civilian oversight of police.
  • Breonna Taylor – request action from: 
    • Mayor Greg Fischer – (502) 574-2003
    • Attorney Thomas Wine – 
    • Attorney General Daniel Cameron – (502) 696-5300 /
    • LMPD Chief Steve Conrad – (502) 574-7660



  • CAPS (counseling and psychological resources) 




  • Why I’m No longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge⁣⁣⁣
  • I’m Still Here by Austin Channing Brown
  • Natives by Akala
  • Dark Days by James Baldwin
  • Diversify by June Sarpong
  • How To Be Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
  • Don’t Touch My Hair by Emma Dabiri
  • White Supremacy and Me by Layla F. Saad
  • The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
  • Freedom Is A Constant Struggle by Angela Davis
  • They Can’t Kill Us All by Wesley Lowery
  • Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde
  • White Girls by Hilton Als
  • Brit(ish) by Afua Hirsch
  • Black and British: A Forgotten History by David Olusoga
  • The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla
  • Racism without racists by Edurardo Bonilla-Silva

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