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Best in Clean: November at Shop Good!

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I love November at Shop Good because it’s the month we give you, our valued clean beauty experts, the megaphone!

Every day, you spend your valuable time testing, swiping, layering and misting your carefully curated personal care products, in order to help you to feel good. *You* are the experts on what works (and doesn’t work) for your unique skin type and bio-individuality. And you’ve formed quite an affinity for the products that have made you go “wow.”

It’s time to shout out your faves and cast your vote. It’s officially award season at Shop Good and the 2022 nominations are in. November is ‘Best in Clean’ – according to YOU.

You’re officially invited to submit your ballots (vote here!) and cheer for your holy grail products across the categories of Skincare, Beauty, Wellness and Lifestyle. And next Friday, we’ll announce this year’s winners as they take center stage to receive their well-deserved recognition. I personally can’t wait to learn what you’ve fallen in love with over the past year.

And… since we’re on the topic of voting: this coming Tuesday, our country goes to the polls to take a stand on the issues that matter to us… and to generations ahead. Each 👏 vote 👏 matters. Do you have a voting plan?

Join my team and me during this next critical week as we flex our voting muscle! It’s time to take a stand for the things that make us feel GOOD. Welcome to November at Shop Good!

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