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Beauty School: September at Shop Good!

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From the Founder:

Class is in session! I’m so excited to welcome you all to the month of September as we enroll you into BEAUTY SCHOOL at Shop Good!

Throughout my childhood, I’d spend summer + winter vacations visiting my Grandmommy and diligently examining her AM and PM beauty regimens. She’d slather on countless creams, meticulously apply her multilayer face of makeup and she’d never leave the house without a bright red lip. Not only did care for her porcelain skin with such dedication, but she demonstrated self care rituals that clearly inspired me for the rest of my life.

Many of us have similar figures – our mom, our best friends, our siblings or even our favorite TikTok influencer. And whether you’re a minimalist, maximist, or somewhere in between, we look to others for tips, tricks and cues when it comes to how we approach beauty routines.

So, as Team Shop Good prepares to transition our Summer makeup bags into Fall, we decided there was no better time to collectively learn, share and obsess over the high pigments, radiant formulas and numerous clean beauty tools we have on our SG counters.

The #beautyschool curriculum is set and our team has prepped the classroom to serve as your teachers, guides and makeup muses all month long! Look out for makeup tutorial after tutorial, how-to’s, demos and more. Plus, makeup masterclasses and mini makeovers are BACK in a big way… and our two biggest makeup brands are coming to town to help us out…(omg).

Sharpen those pencils and get ready for a fabulous month of clean beauty bliss with us. I’m so glad you’re here.

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