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All the Details: Adaptogens


There’s a big deadline coming up at work, it’s the peak of wedding season, and you’re training for a half marathon. Suffice it to say, you’ve got a lot on your plate. The very last thing you need is to feel under the weather, but stress can lurk its head in the most unexpected ways, and it’s been proven (through scientific research and your own personal case studies) that stress reduces immunity. Trying not to get sick can bring a whole other layer of stress, and the typical go-to might be more caffeine and sugar to jolt that afternoon slump. Let’s nip that vicious cycle in the bud, with an array of super-herbs, healing humans for thousands of years. They’re under the umbrella dubbed “adaptogens” and we adore their wide variety of power and magic. Incorporating one– or five– in a tonic, tea, or morning joe each day will transform your attitude, day, and life!

What are Adaptogens?

The wellness movement has caused a lot of hullabaloo and confusion. What is just hype and what really works? It’s certainly a question worth asking. Let’s clear something up, though: adaptogens are far from a fad. Dating back thousands of years, these herbs have been heralded in the ancient healing cultures of China, Russia, Japan, Korea, and Europe. Their power comes from their ability to work with our systems to balance the endocrine system and keep our bodies working in a seamless, agile way despite our external circumstances. The stress weighing down our lives, in all its forms, wreaks havoc on our internal thermostat. Chronic stress exacerbates our bodies, in the form of poor digestion, adrenal fatigue, rapid aging, anxiety, stubborn weight-gain, hormone imbalance and thyroid conditions. Adaptogenic herbs revitalize, restore and respond accordingly to our ever-evolving life (psst, adapt is in its name!) They work slowly and gently in our system, healing from the inside and counteracting the harmful effects of stress.

Why are they a part of our self-care routine?

Adaptogens and superfoods are an important piece of our self-care routine because the ritual of amping up a regular pot of tea or coffee with life-changing ingredients feels truly indulgent. Packed with micro-nutrients, these herbs continually help us connect back to our intuition and create a mind-body connection that’s stronger than ever.

What are our favorites?!

We rotate quite a bit, experimenting like kitchen alchemists, and scouting out our favorites far and wide. Below, are a round up of our hall-of-famers:

Cordyceps:*muscle tone* mental clarity* oxygenation of the body* endurance* support the thyroid, lungs and brain* increase energy and stamina*

Astragalus:*skin health* muscle tone* metabolism and digestion* increase energy levels* anti-inflammatory* protects the liver*

Rhodiola:*oxygenation of the body* supports balanced weight and metabolism* mental clarity* strengthens immunity* promotes creativity*

Pine Pollen:*promotes hormone balance* detoxes the liver* metabolism and digestion* creativity and libido* circulation* endurance*

Mucuna Pruriens:*mood-booster* enhance brain-function* refine senses* support nervous system* potent source of antioxidants*

A Delicious Morning Ritual

1. Rise early and drink 16 ounces of hot water with lemon

2. Out of bed, reach your hands for the sky, touch your toes, windmill around, and take 5-8 big, belly breaths

3. Cleanse your skin with this and this (dream team combo!), and set an intention. Write it down and let it become a mantra for your entire day. Let it sink in and manifest.

4. With good vibes emanating all around, whip up this morning tonic:

-16 ounces of your favorite nut milk, heated

-2 tablespoons raw cacao

-a pinch of cinnamon

-a pinch of Himalayan pink salt

-1/2 teaspoon Mucuna Pruriens

-1 teaspoon Moon Juice Body Dust

-1 tablespoon Anandamide

Whip ingredients in a blender, after heating almond milk before a boil. Drink while warm, and smile because you are filling your body to the brim with mega LOVE.


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