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A Playlist to Complement Your Lunch

Rush, rush, rush. You know the drill. Sometimes lunch is so on-the-go that you don’t even remember tasting anything or if it happened at all. Let’s just make a group decision and declare this as unacceptable. If you commit to intentional eating, instead of focusing on texting 4 different people and Instagram scrolling while trying to aim a bagel in your mouth, amazing things can happen. You’ll be more focused for work, happier in the afternoon, and truly satisfied. Plus, chewing your food needn’t just be the mantra of conscientious babysitters; we need to create saliva when we chew to activate the amylase, an enzyme critical in successful digestion. And a happy gut is a happy life!

 If you want a better 2016, we suggest you make your meals an experience. And an experience involves all the senses. Ergo, we’ve crafted a playlist of lyrical + lovely sounds to pair with your nutrient-dense and rejuvenating meal:
Got It- Marian Hill
Body Gold- Oh Wonder
waves- Miguel
Madonna- Drake
Freefallin’ Dreams- Saje
As You Are- The Weeknd
Petals- Biblo
Lonely Town- Brandon Flowers
Strawberry Bubblegum- Justin Timberlake
(Need some inspo? Make this delicious stew and let it last for 3 or 4 days of unreal lunches).

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