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Top 3 Workouts For Clear Skin

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Jade rollers, Gua Sha boards, Facial Dry Brushes and the likes. Face tools were totally EN VOGUE this month at Shop Good. Did you get your skin in shape for Fall with us? Maybe even sneak away for a facial with January? Bravo!

While we recommend having these #facefitness tools at arms reach… the best treatment for FIT SKIN may not be in your beauty cabinet.  Yup, the fountain of youth can be found in regular, heart-pumping exercise. Regardless of age, carving out some time daily to get moving will have positive effects on your skin’s elasticity +thickness, and the increased circulation from exercise means more flushing of toxins and more nutrients delivered to your skin for a fresh-faced GLOW.

Here are a few of our favorite workouts and how they support health, vibrant and crystal clear skin!


High Intensity Interval Training is a science-backed approach to optimal exercise by alternating short periods of bursts of intense anaerobic exercise and less intense recovery periods in between. This means of cardio majorly increases blood flow across the entire body which helps pump toxins out of the body (and skin!) as well as kicks oxygen levels into high gear. Skin loves fresh oxygen, leaving you with a bright and perky complexion and encourages cellular turnover for a more youthful appearance!


We know stress can be the culprit for many health ailments and frustrations. Our not-so-favorite hormone cortisol loves to pump through our body when we’re feeling less than calm, which actually signals our skin to produce more oil, causing clogged pores and acne to surface.We love yoga for it’s mind-calming and stress-busting abilities.  Because it pairs movement with deep breathing, norepinephrine and endorphins are released (chemicals that helps us mitigate stress and boost our mood). Lowering cortisol with more stress reducing activities like yoga will help to lower skin’s oil production and thus encourage less breakouts and an overall clearer complexion! The best part — practicing inversions on the daily can actually have a natural “face lift” effect on your complexion!


True sweat-inducing, blood pumping cardio is like giving your pores a deep cleanse. The increased heart rate and blood circulation that occurs helps to stimulate our lymphatic system, wake up our liver and pump toxins out of the body. Plus, as your heart rate rises, the heat opens our pores, thus giving them the ability to expel or purge toxins out of the skin, flushing dirt, bacteria and excess oil as well. The key here is to cleanse your face immediately after a workout to ensure we don’t reabsorb this skin flush! See below for what we always have in our gym bag in case an immediate post-workout skincare routine isn’t possible. 


Properly caring for your skin après-workout shouldn’t be overlooked. Always in hand after our sweat sesh:

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes to eliminate acne-causing bacteria.

Wildcare Rosemary Bay Hydrosol to neutralize redness and rebalance skin pH.

Berlin Skin Sandalwood Face Cream for a lightweight but effective re-hydrator.


Workouts and facials – a surprisingly synonymous path to ultra-clear skin! We can’t wait to have you into our “Skin Gym”. Book a facial with Shop Good at our organic spa today! Or give us a call at the shop for all your skincare woes, answered! 619-501-5362!

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