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Frankincense: Not Just for Wise Men Anymore

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Our quick message today clears a space and creates a sanctuary for Y-O-U. Because there’s nothing Good Life loves more than supporting fabulous, multifaceted, ambitious women who are always busy helping others. Press pause for a hot minute! Go ahead!

We’re leaning in to tell you about frankincense — used in medicine since ancient times and an essential oil at Shop Good. It flies a bit under-the-radar, but is nonetheless a powerhouse to boost the ‘big three’ to looking + feeling your best: sleep, skin and sanity. Imagine waking up energized, dewy-skinned and bright-eyed; ready to handle it all — the spicy, aromatic woodsy vibes of this oil will help you accomplish just that.

Friends, meet frankincense:

1. The therapeutic properties of the oil are ideal to diffuse during sleep, as it has been traditionally used for incense. When that one extra cocktail has you wafting in and out of great REM, this could transport you deeper in dreamland.
2. If you’re a fan of Ayurvedic medicine, frankincense is said to support your root chakra, the pillar for feeling secure and grounded (and invites the calm in when busy-ness takes over!)
3. A few strategic drops of this baby in your moisturizer will also help boost its performance (Um, did someone say moisturizer?! Skin so dry right now!)

Stop stress in its tracks in just a few minutes a day by creating a ritual of with Vitruvi’s Frankincense oil.  Place 1-2 drops into your palms, rubbing together, bring to your nose and breathing deeeeeeeply. You can also place a drop on the back of your neck or behind your ears for that honest-to-goodness centered feeling all day long.

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