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2 ingredients, 10 Minutes, Head to Toe Soft


Let’s get one thing straight here: we’re not about making “being healthy” another item on your to-do list. You are a woman moving a million miles a minute — us too!  And there’s just no time for extra drama while trying to balance it all… do it all… and feel good.

However — Feeling light, energized and confident sounds like it should be a pretty high priority, right?

We at Shop Good are all about multi-tasking (read: finding the best wellness hacks to help you cross multiple ‘to-do’s’ off your list at once). And wham, bam, boom — health can actually be woven into your busy schedule like it ain’t no thing.

Case in point: tackling the sacred ritual of your AM coffee.

We can’t lie, we dig the smell and taste of an organic cup o’ Joe just like the rest of our social circle. (asterisk on the Joe: seek out organic, small-batch beans  — the taste and quality improve while the wonky caffeine jitters are subdued.)

But what do you do with the grinds after you brew your productivity juice? Toss them out? ORRR MULTI-TASK.

#Beautyfood is a real thing!  When used topically on the skin, this homemade body treat can minimize the visibility of cellulite, increase circulation, remove dead skin cells, reduce swelling or puffiness, and moisturize and brighten your skin all over. Hmm, sounds prettay nice…

After brewing your cup for a few days, collect 1 cup of coffee grounds and combine well with 6 tablespoons of olive oil — or avocado or coconut oil!  We’re impartial!  While showering, scoop out a bit of your mixture, warm between your hands and use as a luxurious scrub on the skin. 

Wanna take this to the next level with us in just one extra minute?  Say yes. 
   50 seconds: pre-shower dry brushing for detoxification
  10 seconds: in-shower eucalyptus essential oil deep breathing for stress relief

Yo! Where’s your “Self Care Multitasking Queen” crown at?

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