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The Shop Good Facial and What To Expect

November 10th, 2017 / Be Well Meet Them

You may have heard about our organic facials at Shop Good. But, I want to break it down for you: why is this facial unlike any treatments offered in San Diego?

In order to do that, let me first share a bit about my background and training.

After attending beauty school and spending some time finding my footing in the industry, I found it difficult to find my place. I felt inauthentic recommending products with long ingredient lists that I couldn’t even pronounce and was unsure of their efficacy. I worked with so many product lines that supposedly had the next best “thing” to fix your skin, with the swipe of a face cream as if it were a magic wand.

Having personally battled with acne since being a teen, I began to notice differences in my skin according to my lifestyle habits, including stress, diet, exercise and sleep. Witnessing these patterns frustrated me that western approach to skincare was made up of commercials pushing creams full of chemicals and dermatologists pushing prescriptions full of antibiotics.


Unsure of my next move, I decided to pursue massage therapy based on my clients’ feedback, raving about my sense of touch. This is where I began to fall in love with the world of holistic health and alternative medicine.

Over the next few year, I studied a wide array of various subjects, including qi gong, herbalism, essential oils, reiki, energy work, yoga philosophy, holistic consciousness, Ayurveda, the way of zen, holistic nutrition, holistic fitness, alternative medicine and Chinese medicine.

While these studies completely lit my fire, I was simultaneously working full time and I was utterly exhausted. How could I be studying health and wellness and yet be so unhealthy myself? So I decided to pull myself out of school. I collected all that I had learned and began to focus on healing myself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This healing process allowed me to make the conscious decision to pioneer the personal care industry as not only a holistic esthetician, but also a healer. As the universe works so synchronistically, here I am at Shop Good, so ready to share my knowledge and awareness I have cultivated over time and treat your skin!

Based on my depth of studies in holistic health (and self-healing too!), we won’t be just focusing just on your skin alone. I’ll be reviewing the greater picture of your lifestyle and well-being. Expect me to ask you questions not only about the state of your skin, but your current diet, stress levels, sleeping patterns and digestive health. This helps me to target the Facial Plan I will custom create for you during your treatment.

Not only are our facial ingredients 100% organic, but the entire treatment is completely tailored to your bio individuality and what your skin and lifestyle concerns are at that time. Our spa back bar consists of the San Francisco-based skincare line and our long-time love Botnia Skincare. Botnia has lovingly provided us with cold compressed dried herbal compounds, hydrosols, tinctures, and oils, allowing me to intermix these raw materials to help you reach your #skingoals.


After I craft your specific facial plan, I will mix into your custom masks and hydrating treatments and guide you through a simple meditation to unwind and settle into relaxation mode. Feel free to shut. it. down. at this point. Shop Good wants to make healthy living easy, and this is about as easy as it gets.

Throughout the treatment, I’ll pamper your skin with a deep cleanse, a custom curated exfoliating mask and a soothing head, neck and shoulder massage. I’ll continue with extractions if needed, followed by refreshing your skin with beautiful floral waters like geranium or juniper. Finally, I’ll apply a customized soothing mask to calm your skin post exfoliation and deliver a boost of hydration deep in to your skins pours. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to incorporate various massage techniques to assist in drainage of the lymphatic system, helping to also stimulate blood flow.

As I apply finishing creams and oils, I apply acupressure to stimulate specific accupoints that will trigger your body into boosting its natural collagen production and improve elasticity in the epidermis. To finish, a foot massage is also incorporated. This helps to reduce inflammation in the nervous system.

To conclude our time together, I’ll provide you with both skincare and wellness recommendations I deem appropriate. You will leave with a dewy glow to your skin, a newly acquired energetically balance and relaxation and a sense of pride as you honored your body.


THE ROOM (can’t not mention it…)
This all goes down in the most stunning and chic treatment room you may ever come across. At Shop Good, we think living healthy should not only feel fabulous, but look really fabulous, too!  Instagram stories fully permitted before you head back into our clean beauty shop.

I cannot wait to meet you and have you on our Shop Good treatment table soon! I am here to support you on your skin and wellness journey. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding my treatments, your skin or anything about holistic health ☺ You can shout a hello here →


Photos via Natasha Boote Photography

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