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"I realized the power I have over my own health, body, surroundings, thoughts; essentially EVERYTHING!”

"I was able to completely re-regulate my thyroid and hormones!"

"Be ready for your life to change in the most positive and amazing way."

"I have become very conscious about what I crave and I know the right foods to give my body."

"Leah helped me bring health into my life in a way that fit my lifestyle."

"She helped me get refocused on my well being, which has such a huge impact on my entire life."


I chose to work with Leah to restore my hormonal balance, repair my digestive function and decrease my reliance on supplements and replace them with a healing diet. Through our work together, I was not only able to reduce my supplements by over half while improving my digestion, but I realized the power I have over my own health, body, surroundings, thoughts; essentially EVERYTHING!

Leah was able to guide me to rethink my focus and shift the importance I placed on problems into simply focusing on the solution. Even more significantly, I have noticed a drastic change in my level of “intuitive living” after working with Leah.

I now listen to myself (my inner voice) for my decisions and for what my body needs to heal. I now give my body what it needs, when it needs it and it has responded with much stronger health & immunity!

Leah's words of praise and reinforcement throughout the program always hit home on how much I have accomplished, and I now give myself more props! For the first time in my life, I am now completely confident with my inner voice to guide me and I truly appreciate my body’s resiliency.

T.J., San Diego, CA.

When I reached out to Leah, I was seeking a better, more fulfilling way of life, happiness and comfort for my body.

My goals for working with Leah were to lose weight and regulate my thyroid levels, to learn about food and how it can heal my body, and to rediscover happiness and my zest for life again so that I can eventually find love.

It’s amazing the amount of progress you can make in each session when someone is asking the right questions and motivating you in new and different ways. I felt so comfortable talking with Leah, and always felt relaxed and lighter after my sessions…ready to tackle anything!

Leah gave me a wealth of knowledge as to what kinds of foods will help heal my body. She taught me how to strengthen the mind, and therefore, strengthen the body. Leah helped me to feel empowered again.

Because of my work with Leah, I was able to regulate my thyroid levels and my hormones!! I learned to use food as my medicine! I feel like myself again and have a renewed energy for life. I feel stronger and happy again and like I can now achieve my goals and dreams!

Jolene, San Diego, CA.

When I found Leah, I was looking for support around my illness and resulting limited diet due to food reactions.

Leah is so supportive, loving, empathic, and centered in her heart space that working with her feels effortless. She has introduced new concepts to me and has re-woven them back in at just the right time to really clarify the concepts and to support their development in my life. She’s supported me every step of the way with encouragement, loving celebration of my achievements and total support when I’ve backslid.

Now that I’ve worked with Leah, I have a trust in the healing power of my body and my thoughts. I am also following my intuition more.
I am now opening myself up to creative expression.

If you’re wondering if Leah is the right coach for you, have no doubt that she can help guide you in changing your mental habits that lead to a myriad of problems that create poor health patterns. Be ready for your life to change in the most positive and amazing way. Her guidance is like magic. Just what you need at just the right time. A session with her always reinvigorates me to get back on track if I’ve fallen aside or if I’m on course she builds into the next exciting and helpful step.


Laura, Santa Clara, CA.

I began working with leah to get rid of my PLEVA, an uncommon rash that looks like chicken pox that has covered my body since I was 16, to lose weight, and to crush diet soda and sugar cravings! Leah was amazing at giving me the tools I need in my daily life to fight cravings, gain control of what I eat and put on/in my body and teaching me amazing stress reducing exercises that I can use in my day to day routines.

After working with leah, I feel like I know when/why the PLEVA pops up and what I can do to help them appear less. Leah also helped me kick my Diet Dr Pepper habit (which is a major feat). I was drinking 1-2 diet sodas a day (for about the last 8 years), and Leah gave me the necessary tools and skills I needed to really kick the habit! I no longer crave soda at all.

Best of all, I am now aware of what I eat and how I feel, recognizing what my body wants/needs. Since working with Leah, I have become very conscious about what I crave and I know the right foods to give my body. Leah has provided me with amazing recipes that help me feel energized and light.

Leah knows so much about health and is so much more to me than just a nutrition coach. Leah is truly an incredible lifestyle coach! From deeper sleeps, to reducing the gurgle in my throat, my lifestyle has changed in so many positive ways. I’d recommend working with Leah to anyone and everyone who wants to take back control of their lives in this busy world!

Rachel, San Francisco, CA.

"I came to Leah for support with my overall health, digestive problems and anxiety levels. I started to feel better after my first conversation with Leah. She is a wonderful teacher and it helped me to understand the reasons behind each health and lifestyle recommendation she made. Leah also helped me layer in the right supplements to my diet and gave me healing recipes that calmed my body down. She was always able to make herself available to me, even when I had questions for her while grocery shopping.

After working with Leah, I was able to focus again and my mood became more stable. I could feel the inflammation in my body lowering and my stomach pain diminished. Leah is the ultimate healthful foodie and is able to empower others to make positive changes. I would recommend Leah’s health coaching to anyone who wants to feel better and be able to live life to its fullest potential."

Allison, Austin, TX.

My top goals upon working with Leah were to be able to listen to what my body needs and to get more rest. Leah provided me with a meal plan, talking through my stress points and teaching me new ways to react to them. She also encouraged meditation and just taking a moment when things get crazy.

The biggest change I have noticed since working with Leah is that I am so much more aware of what I am doing to my body, when I need to stop or just slow down and foods that can affect my body. I am now I’m in tune with my body and know just how much I can push myself without killing myself. Leah’s health coaching is a must if you want to get things back on track, even the little things. It all makes such a huge difference.

I had such a wonderful experience working with Leah and always looked forward to our calls. She helped me get refocused on my well being which has such a huge impact on my entire life. She’s truly gifted at what she does.

Jennifer, Hong Kong


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