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The Body Glow

A program in transformational healthy living for the modern woman.
/The Body Glow

You’re so over feeling just “alright”.

You dream about glowing skin, limitless energy, eating what you want, and feeling your
very best.

But instead, you’re tired all the time, feel discomfort after meals, and have noticed your body’s cries for help on your skin, in your weight and in the quality of your sleep.

Where do you even start?

Between your demanding job, your social calendar, and your relationships, it feels like you’re already always playing catch up!

So, when it comes to actually making the time and space for new healthy living habits?
You say - “Not a chance. I couldn’t possibly slow down right now. There’s just no time for that. There’s too much information out there.”

We say - “we totally hear you.”

And even when you finally find a new healthy habit you think you can manage, you look back a few months later and find yourself in the same exact position, frustrated with the same exact outcomes.

If only you had a partner and guide to help get you there.
Someone who’s BEEN THERE.

Battling a chronic illness while in her twenties was not easy. While attempting to balance her stressful job, her relationships, her social life and her debilitating physical symptoms, Good Life founder, Leah, finally found a way to live the life of her dreams, while still placing her health and healing as number one.

Our one-on-one, personalized coaching programs are for women who are motivated and ready to completely transform their lives to finally regain control of their bodies and health.

Leah’s extensive experience in her own 8-year health journey, paired with her training from the world's largest nutrition school, has given her the knowledge and expertise to turn clients' lives around, whether it be weight loss or the healing of a chronic illness.

Here's the game plan


Gain personalized support in reaching each of your nutrition and lifestyle goals during our one-on-one sessions and email support. We gladly offer phone and Skype consultations for non-local clients.


One person's medicine is another person's poison. Your body is uniquely yours and we will spend lots of time understanding what's best for YOU. Together, we will map out an easy to manage bio-individualized nutrition plan that allows you to feel fabulous while still enjoying incredible flavors and participating in life.


You’ll be set up with a meal-by meal game plan including easy, delicious recipes for you to whip-up like Wonder Woman. Let us do all the planning, we’ll leave you to the fun part.


The grocery store can be a majorly overwhelming place when trying to make the healthiest choices. If you’re local, we’ll roam the aisles together. If you’re non-local, bring our expert shopping guide in tow. You’ll learn exactly to how to maneuver through your weekly shopping trips with your body as priority.


Did you know that our thoughts can completely control our biological processes? This means stress, anxiety and those negative thoughts we allow to slip into our reality could be harming our health! You’ll be equipped with mindfulness and visualization practices that you can actually fit into your schedule, setting the stage for maximum results.


What you put ON your skin is just as important as what you put IN it! Your all-natural beauty guru is here! Gain support in cleaning up your bathroom cabinet and crowding in only the best and most effective all-natural brands we love. You can have beautiful, glowing skin while using products that are good for you and your healthy bod! You can have BOTH! Don't worry, you won't miss your NARS lip crayon one bit.


As a Good Life client, you'll receive a generous 20% off the entire SHOP GOOD site for the duration of your program. Yep, this means, clean beauty shopping spree. You'll also be the first to know about new brand releases or early access invites.

/The Body Glow


12 sessions across 6 months
1 hour each session
Unlimited support via email in between


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